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Nestled on the inner coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp is situated on the beachfront at a mere 10 minute walk from the beach in the quaint yet bohemian town of Montezuma. This region is known to be one of the most naturally blessed spots in Costa Rica complete with waterfalls, tropical jungles and near perfect surf breaks. Other than its ecological wonders Montezuma is also known for its fine array of restaurants, the local farmers market and its hippie-boho culture.

Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp is nestled on a charming oceanfront property that is a few minutes walk from the major surf breaks. Owing to the lack of roads near the property and juxtaposed between the beach and the tropical jungle, guests experience a feeling of being as close to nature as possible. Peaks n Swells features that accommodates surf camp guests in house.

Each accommodation option possesses an unusual style and earthy character and every one of them has direct access to the swimming pool. In addition to this there is a nice bbq area and bar adjacent to the pool. There are hammocks and large patios overlooking the ocean which make coffee and conversations here extremely memorable. White faced monkeys prancing around the property is a regular sight. You will also experience frequent sightings of other indigenous wildlife gems such as sea turtles, iguanas and others.

Peaks ‘n Swells sits is located at a perfect spot for all those wanting to learn basic or master advanced surfing skills. The Nicoya Peninsula region offers a variety of surf breaks to include different conditions and surfer levels. Since the breaks are located on the inside of the peninsula region, the breaks don’t feature a powerful current that is often found on the other surf spots in the country. This makes the peninsula region an ideal place for beginners and/or young surfers looking to get a hang of the basic before going on to master the more advanced techniques.

Playa Grande has one of the best surfing breaks for beginners since the currents aren’t very strong and erratic here. Playa Grande is actually nestled in a quiet in a reserve and the Peaks ‘n Swells property is nearest to the break, which makes this camp an excellent option for those who are looking for nothing but extraordinary surfing conditions in fantastic weather conditions. A scenic hike along the jungle and the coast makes the surfing experience even more incredible.

For beginner surfers the sandy bottom beach break is ideal. In addition to surfing, the other activities that can be organized by Peaks n Swells includes horseback riding, snorkeling, boat trips to the Island, Kayaking, hiking to the waterfalls, canopy zip line tours, bike riding, Cabo Blanco National Park, massage, reiki, spa treatments and skate ramps.

Surf Coaching

Peaks n Swells group of knowledgeable, experienced and qualified coaches design a unique coaching program for you after analyzing the moves that you find most challenging and your techniques in general. The surf camp was founded on the philosophy that patrons should be able to make the most of their time in the water so they can reach a skill that allows them to slash the wave the way it’s done while skiing in the mountains. Their surf coaches know how to get the best out of surfers of all levels and even share that invaluable information with you in the form of water coaching, recorded videos and more. You get to learn the real stuff here that help you in taking your practice notches higher than where it is currently as well techniques that will help you get better every day.

All their surf camps include striking beachfront accommodations, surf coaching by professional, ISA certified surf coaches, yoga sessions conducted by experienced yoga master in the midst of ocean views and a breathtakingly beautiful natural template, high performance surfboard demos, video analysis used in coaching, fresh and natural breakfast, happy hour at dusk- poolside, drinks and snacks at the Surf Break, transport to the breaks, bonfire dinner on the beach, hike to Montezuma’s waterfall and surf photography.

Surf Camp Packages

The Family Surf Camp Package offers the perfect adventure for the entire family irrespective of the ages and surf levels. Surf Camp at Peaks ‘n Swells provides plenty of activity for the entire family to enjoy shared surfing fun. If that’s not enough, they have relaxing hammocks, books, and a laid back pool. In short, a perfect template for a complete family vacation. The camp sessions are intimate and customized to a maximum of 3 families with each family living in an independent beach house. The location is as perfect as could be, overlooking the beach and poolside and hemmed by verdant tropical forests. The property is a mere 10 minute walk from the beach and town conveniences.


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