Rancho Delicioso

Costa Rica Treehouse

Rancho Delicioso is an 8 Hectare (20 acre) property in the heart of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula region, which is known to be one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica, and includes the beach towns of Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

The project is the brainchild of Geoff McCabe, one of the region’s staunchest proponents of tropical green building and living. Some of the lots are owned by others, who are now inspired to add their own energy and creativity inputs to the project. Geoff is also the CEO of Anamaya Yoga Resort in Montezuma, and two eco-village projects in the area, Pura Vida Sunsets, and Solar Vistas.

The current vision of the project is to create an organic community of likeminded eco-enthusiastic artists, especially those dedicated to the performance arts and yoga. Presently all the lots have been sold to people who are musicians, artists, etc. In the center of Rancho Delicioso is an organic farm, part of which is owned by Anamaya Yoga Resort. Anamaya is investing in its own lots (1 1/4 acres) and is using another 2-3 acres for fruit orchards and more gardening. The intention is to grow fresh, local and organic produce for their yoga retreat patrons.

Rancho Delicioso Volunteer Program Info

The volunteer program at Rancho Delicioso is a novel initiative with a vast potential, perfect for eco passionate individuals with resourceful who can spot opportunities around them and seize them immediately to devise solutions and take projects through to completion. This isn’t really a short term initiative and can take time. Ideally volunteers should be able to commit at least a month or longer, although shorter term volunteers will also be considered as the project progresses.

Eco Village Floral ArchRancho Delicioso is currently in the research and exploratory stage, trying to find a great set of vegetables, legumes, fruit, etc that can be easily grown in the region. The founders intend to publish and make this knowledge as widespread as possible so the locals can opt to grow their own food. Rancho plans to create demonstration gardens at local schools, government offices, etc to offer people ideas on how they can take this further.

The initiators of this unique program need volunteer work and creativity to find solutions to the arduous growing conditions here including soil depletion, incessant rain and wind, harsh sun, bugs, famished iguanas, deer, and other mammals, fungus, destructive weeds, soil erosion and more. These are the reasons that little produce come from the area. The proponents of Ranchos Delicioso believe they can solve these problems by being a tad more innovative and enlightening the public in these methods.

Horses and Goats on the FarmIf you’re thinking aloud after reading this – In what way can I volunteer? Here’s how. It goes without saying; an initiative like this is going to require a lot of hands on manual labor. There is going to be a lot of planning, digging, persistent weed removal sessions and general everyday farm work. Volunteers will be working alongside their full time Spanish speaking farm employees.

Another volunteering task is animal care- milking goats, storing the milk and processing it, collecting chicken eggs and rounding them up at night, horse riding and more. The responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the volunteer space is also on the volunteers. You are expected to keep the space clean, free from weeds and beautiful. The founders are always looking to plant new things and cook up delicious recipes or even know techniques to make tastier goats cheese or innovative recipes. They also have a list of special projects that can be taken on by volunteers according to their interests.

Eco Village

Rancho Delicioso is a functioning eco village, with several houses and a small and growing community. Many lots are now for sale as well for eco-minded people who are interested in a fun, healthy, and sustainable way of life. If your dream is to have a small farm and vacation home to live in or retire to someday, then Rancho Delicio eco village, could be ideal for you, especially if you’d like to live around like-minded people. The organic gardening/farming center and green building knowledge will be a huge help in your pursuit of a healthy and sustainable future for yourself.

The location is very central, ideal for people who enjoy both the Santa Teresa and Montezuma sides of the peninsula. Great surfing waves can be reached in 15 minutes on both sides of the peninsula from here, as well as Playa Hermosa in 25 minutes or so.

Eco Village in Costa Rica - Lots for Sale

The lot prices range from $15,000 to $70,000 and financing is available from the owners in some cases.

Contact Rancho Delicisio

[email protected]
Tel: +560 8844-4726

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