Reptile Photos

Green Lizard Macro

A baby iguana? A chameleon? What is this super bright green lizard?

Montezuma and Santa Teresa are known for their high biological diversity. The area has many national parks that are connected with relatively undeveloped tracts of jungle, so the animals have a lot of habitat. The weather here isn’t as dry as farther north, such as in Nosara or Tamarindo, which creates a climate more suitable for rainforest animals. While we have very few poisonous snakes, unlike more southern regions of Costa Rica in which they’re very common, we still have a huge variety of species of all types of reptiles, including turtles, lizards and iguanas, snakes, and even crocodiles. We also have many amphibians, including the red-eyed green tree frog, which is super rare here but has been spotted in both Cabuya and Malpais. We don’t have poison dart frogs here, nor do we have the famed Terciopelo snake (Fer de Lance) nor the Bushmaster, which are the two most dangerous snakes in Central America.

These photos were shot in the Montezuma general area. These are copyrighted to the photographers who took them. If you wish to use one for your website or somewhere else, please contact us for permission.

Would you like to be part of this gallery or have your own gallery on the site? Photographers with high quality photos can contact us and if we like the work, we’ll put it here and credit you, with a link to your photo gallery, contact info, etc.

Simon with River Turtle at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary’s turtle breeding program – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Red River Turtle – Photographer: Patrick Turner

Yellow River Turtle – Photographer: Patrick Turner

Brown Vine Snake (rear fanged – only slighly venomous) – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Serafina with Pretty Lizard – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Giant Male Green Iguana (A vegetarian species!) – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

The giant 12-ft boa that ate our cat! – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Boa with iridescent skin, after recently shedding – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Baby lizard – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Lizard eggs from a gecko – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Mystery Snake (non-venemous) – Photographer: Geoff McCabe

Jesus Christ Lizard (Basilisk) – Photographer: John McLaughlin
Great Stuff

Clandestina Restaurant

  My new favorite restaurant, Clandestina is not to be missed by food lovers staying anywhere near to Montezuma. Established in March 2015, Clandestina is the new kid on the block. The Oregon/Tico collaboration is a winner among locals and travelers alike, with artisan craft beers, made onsite by Butterfly Brewing Co. and delicious, exciting […]

Montezuma Social

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