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Discounts on Sansa Airlines Flights to Montezuma (at the Tambor airport)
Santa Teresa Flights - Sansa

Because I own a hotel, Sansa gives me ~10% discount for our guests, and so I’m putting that discount on this website so anyone who books here can get that same discount.

The normal price is generally $105 but with the discount is $92, but you have to book it here with the instructions below. (This is the one-way price from San Jose airport (SJO) to Tambor.

Instructions: Just click the two red links below.

Step #1: Click Here to SET the discount rate Don’t fill in the data. Just close the pop-up window, and your discount should be set.

Step #2: Click Here to do the BOOKING for your discounted Sansa Flight. Use this second window to book the flight.

2012 High Season Schedules (November 20th 2011 / April 30th 2012)

Flight Stops Departure Arrival Frequency
To Tambor from San Jose 1080 0 7:40 8:10 Daily
1082 0 10:20 10:50 Daily
1084 0 13:26 13:56 Daily
1086 0 14:00 14:30 Daily
Flight Stops Departure Arrival Frequency
To San Jose from Tambor 1081 0 8:20 8:55 Daily
1083 0 11:00 11:35 Daily
1085 0 14:06 14:41 Daily
1087 0 14:40 15:15 Daily

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