Observing Scorpion Fish in Montezuma

The Scorpion Fish

Montezuma and Tortuga Islands are known to host schools of scorpion fish. Scorpion fish belong to the genus Scorpaenidae. Scorpion fish live at the absolute bottom of the ocean, with a depth of almost 7000 feet. They rarely come up towards the upper side of the ocean. There are some subtypes of scorpion fish however that prefer to live in shallower waters near the Montezuma beaches. Temperate waters like those in Tortuga Islands are preferred by most types of scorpion fish which is why they can easily be observed by tourists all over the world almost year round. Some types of scorpion fish are called rockfish or stonefish because of two reasons. One main reason is that they live among the huge rocks and stones situated at the bottom of the sea. Another reason for this name is their uncanny ability to blend with the background. Stonefish especially can make themselves almost completely invisible. This has two advantages. The first is that they can easily surprise smaller fish and feed on them whenever they are in need of food. The second advantage is security. Stonefish by blending into their background can easily avoid dangerous predators in the sea that pose a threat to the scorpion fish and all its types. The scorpion fish is small in size but its entire body is covered with spines that are long and sharp, resembling fins. Ordinarily, this would not mean anything but on the scorpion fish, these spines contain sacs of pure poison. This poison is instantly lethal to any enemy that may be the recipient of it. The scorpion fish is living breathing armor and offensive weapon by body. The fins or spines that cover it from head to dorsal fin can wound an enemy mortally, even without the poison. With the venom, it packs a double punch and the enemy has literally zero chances of getting away alive.

The color of the scorpion fish’s body changes from type to type. Some types possess a dull, unattractive brown or gray color that is easy to overlook and ignore. Other types are colored brightly in vibrant reds and blues which are harder to ignore and more attractive. Both colors have their uses. But despite the different types and body colors, scorpion fish have one thing in common: they cannot be killed easily. Their bodies are equipped to deal with all kinds of danger in the open sea. This is the reason why scorpion fish despite being small are labeled one of the most lethal creatures in the waters of Montezuma. The largest growing member of the scorpion fish family has been reported to possess a length of 40 inches. Usually, scorpion fish are small in body frame and do not grow to immense lengths. Considering the weaponry attached to their bodies, they don’t need to be any bigger anyway! Scorpion fish feed on smaller fish in the sea along with hard shelled creatures in the ocean. Crustaceans also form part of their diet. Scorpion fish are reported to be passive and sedentary until provoked.

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