Soda La Naranja – Find Authentic Costa Rican Cuisine

Soda La Naranja Restaurant

In a simple restaurant called Soda La Naranja you can find the best of authentic Costa Rican dishes. The restaurant also boasts of exquisite menus of seafood and meal selections for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians at a very affordable price. 

Along with great food that include local Tico dish, crunchy salads, yummy Gallo Pinto, vegan burger, hot fries, fried squid, super juicy hamburgers, crunchy fish dipped in delicious curry sauce, the options are actually extensive. Don’t forget to chase these great meals with a glass of orange juice or chilled beer.

What’s more, you will be delighted about the friendly and courteous staff of Soda La Naranja that will warmly welcome you as you enter the restaurant. The kitchen can be seen from where you are seated so you can be sure that your food will be coming from a clean area and will be served fresh and right off the grill.

Today's Special

You’ll also be informed of the daily specialty because as you enter Soda La Naranja, there’s a small billboard displayed at the entrance featuring “Today’s Special” including the price.


Location: Two doors down from the Bakery Cafe, Downtown, Montezuma
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Costa Rican food, Seafood, Beverages, Non-vegetarian
Phone: 2640-1111


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