Solar Vistas Eco Village

One of the most visionary concepts in real estate development, Solar Vistas consist of eight hilltop land lots, each featuring an area of more than an acre, located at a few minutes drive from the scenic beaches of Malpais and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, often chronicled as one of best beaches in the world. In addition to the beaches, the beach towns of Malpais and Santa Teresa are known for their vibrant global-boho culture coupled with a charming small community feel, world class dining options, yoga, sport fishing, surfing, and more.

Solar Vistas comprises five hectares (12 acres) of rolling hills, including 6 hilltops, flanked on both sides by a pretty seasonal stream. The development is further divided into nine lots, seven of which are for sale. The ninth lot will be owned by eight buyers of the other lots, and come with a caretaker house, clubhouse, swimming pool, organic gardens and orchards, and a lake filled with tasty tilapia fish.

Solar Vistas is being built on 12 acres of cattle field, which is being reforested with unusual and endangered trees to create more habitat space for the indigenous wildlife, while reserving the best vistas for the eco conscious owners here. Solar Vistas Eco Village believes that when created accurately, a real estate project can achieve a sense of harmony between humans and nature and not necessarily prove detrimental to natural resources and wildlife habitats.

The Solar Vistas Eco Village project is being built as a creation of eco sustainable art that epitomizes the principles of aesthetics, conservation and resourcefulness to create a joyful everyday living experience. These eco-homes utilize solar electricity. They are designed to maximize shade to help the structures remain comfortably cool, and facilitate effective circulation of air throughout the house. When required, indigenous woods and other building materials are also utilized, in addition chemical free paints.

Solar Vistas build these homes according to the best application of the principles of the green building movement. They are all created to last with as little maintenance as possible in the tropical environment.

Apart from reforestation, Solar Vistas is creating an artificial lake, to be filled with Tilapia fish. The lake will be hemmed by gorgeous looking plantations such as oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, bananas, and incredible local tropical fruit such as plantains, tamarindos, breadfruit, guava, and several others. Home owners can enjoy organic herbs such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, lemongrass, and oregano, as well as fresh organic produce like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and more that grow well here due to perfect weather conditions.

The project will also include a community relaxing space with a barbecue area and a laid back swimming pool. The best part about this development is that it also comes with a few additional bedrooms with space for extra guests that you may not be able to accommodate in your house. These houses are ideal for those who are passionate about the idea of sustainable living and preserving natural resources and energy. Solar Vistas is all about living a charming small town life amidst Costa Rica’s natural splendor while also ensuring that its resources are preserved for the coming generations.

Green Building Features

As their name suggests, Solar Vistas is a solar-powered real estate community. The structures are designed keeping in mind basic and advanced principles of green living. Everything from the house itself to the appliances used are designed to use minimal energy, but electricity will still be required.

The hot room and recycled heat is a resourceful innovation that takes your eco home to another level altogether. On one side of the structure, a room with a transparent ceiling and walls holds your washing machine and solar power system, both of which generate.

Many Solar Vistas house designs includes an innovate dome-shaped trellis to offer a space for vines to grow and make the place cool and shady. Several vines can be used to provide fruit – Passion Fruit, Kiwis, and Grapes. Vines that attract insects and birds can be planted.

One of the most important principles of an eco design are components of the structure should have a dual purpose. A flat roof on most of their house designs offers extra outdoor living space for relaxation. Another primary consideration for tropical green building is how to keep a house cool throughout the year in the blazing heat. Solar Vistas Eco Village homes have extended roofs and decks prevent the harsh tropical sun from scorching the walls, which subsequently transmit heat into the house.

The roofs are lightweight and a tinted natural shade of green. They are known to last for decades. In complete contrast to ceramic tile roofs, the tiles can be walked on without damage, making it much simpler to maintain them.

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