Surfing in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa Surfer

Surfing is just one of the many things tourists can look forward to when visiting Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, but it is certainly an experienced that should not be missed. When planning a vacation getaway to this part of the world with the intent to explore the pristine blue waters, it is imperative to find out all about surfing in Santa Teresa, particularly the best beaches and stores.

Finding the Best Gear Many tourists who travel to Santa Teresa and other neighboring towns in Costa Rica have never been into surfing or any kind of water sports until they found the perfect spot to learn. Incidentally, the first stop for every surfing enthusiast (or novice for that matter) is the gear shop where all the essentials are sold. Rental arrangements for surfing gear are also available for tourists who simply want to try the sport for the first time and see if they like it.

Excellent Surfing Hotspots

One of the best things about visiting Santa Teresa is that it is the perfect place for both novice as well as expert surfers. The waves are much more reliable and predictable compared to other beaches in the area. What’s more is that these perfect surfing spots are just a few steps away from the hotels so there is not much on-foot travel involved for tourists.

There are dedicated maps created for the sole purpose of directing people to the best surfing spots in the area. This makes it very easy to stake an area nearest to one’s accommodations, not to mention convenient for when you want to explore other surfing spots.

Water Safety

First time surfers are advised to stick to calmer waters (which are clearly indicated in the surfing maps) in order to avoid any untoward incident. The upside is that there are not that many surfing-related accidents over the past few years in Santa Teresa, and surfers tend to watch out for each other. Prior to hitting the surf, people are advised to know what the tides are like so they know exactly what to expect. The buddy system is quite an effective technique to maintaining safety in the water, especially for those who have not yet tested the waters.

Learning Surfing Basics from Experts

Among the best things about Santa Teresa is that it is not one of those highly commercialized tourist spots that almost mimic the busy life in the city. However, you can still get professional help if and when you need it, especially when it comes to learning water sports such as surfing. Many locals as well as foreign transplants offer basic surfing lessons to adults as well as children who are interested in learning this exhilarating sport.

While you might need to take quite a few sessions before you become good at it, there is no doubt that the learning experience itself would be one that is fun-filled and enjoyable. Soaking up the rays in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is an experience that can be enhanced by trying various activities such as surfing and other watersports.

This is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a great family activity while on vacation.

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