Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve

Nicolas Wessbert Absolute Natural Reserve

Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve is park of the Costa Rican National Park System. It’s a gorgeous piece of beachfront land, just north of Montezuma.

You can easily reach it by walking 15-20 minutes, just past Ylang Ylang Resort.

Named for Olof “Nicolas” Wessberg, the Swedish man who lived in Montezuma decades ago and became the founder of the country’s national park system, this park was founded in 1994 as a permanent landmark dedicated to his memory.

It has no services, camp sites, etc and is a “Reserva Absoluta”, meaning that no one can normally go inside except for park rangers. But, you can walk walk past it on the trail to Romelia park and Playa Grande.

Size: 61 Hectares (150 acres)

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