Playa Grande of Montezuma

Playa Grande Montezuma

Playa Grande of Montezuma, not to be confused with an even more famous beach in Costa Rica, Playa Grande near Tamarindo, is a 30-40 minute walk north of town.

A common destination for tourists and locals who would like to get away from the crowds (not that Montezuma’s closer beaches are ever actually crowded) but Playa Grande is spectacular in many ways. First, it’s huge… at low tide it’s just gigantic… really long, broad, flat, and pure sand. Many people come to Costa Rica and hope to go on a few hikes into nature, and the relatively short journey to Playa Grande is ideal for many people who may not be used to the tropical heat, but would like a little adventure.

On hike out, you’ll be sometimes on the beach, and sometimes on overland trails, and you’ll pass many memorable places, such as Ylang Ylang Resort, Piedra Colorada, and the Nicolás Wessberg Natural Reserve. Both of these reserves have no services and are basically pure jungle, set aside for native animals to enjoy their natural habit with very little human disruption.

Once arriving at the beach, please note that the land behind it is another wildlife reserve, called the Romelia Wildlife Refuge.

Surfing at Playa Grande

Video of Playa Grande:

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Playa Grande, Montezuma Surf Spot

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