Night Life Photo Gallery

Costa Rica Fire Dancing

Fusion, from international fire troupe Pyrosutra, fire-dancing in the street at night in Montezuma.

Part of the Montezuma experience is the night-life. During most of the year, the center of Montezuma nearly becomes a street party every night. A dozen restaurants and many shops are jammed into a small area, all open late with lots of color and activity. The bars are open and groups of people will be chatting in the street, shopping from various craft and jewelry vendors, or watching street performers from fire dancing to puppet shows.

Maurizio dancing flaming Capoiera style – Photographer: Joy


Fusion doing a fire blast- Photographer: Joy


Sapphire with flaming hula-hoop – Photographer: Joy


Fusion eating fire – Photographer: Joy


Smoke Monkey and Salsa doing a fire chains doubles piece – Photographer: Joy


Sapphire – Fire Hoop – Photographer: Joy


Montezuma Bay at Night – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


The Hookah Bar Night Scene – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Buen Provecho Night Jam (Hookay Bar) – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Montezuma Night Scene – Photographer: Sean Michael Davis


Montezuma Night Scene – Photographer: Sean Michael Davis


Hotel los Mangos – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Taganga Argentinian Restaurant at Night – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Tairona Italian Restaurant at Night – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Montezuma Night Scene – Photographer: John McLaughlin


Selling jewelry at night in Montezuma – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


Sunset Rainbow – Photographer: Geoff McCabe


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