Bottlenose Dolphins in Montezuma

Bottlenose dolphins in Costa Rica

The Bottlenose Dolphin in Montezuma.

The bottlenose dolphin found in Montezuma belongs to the order of Cetacea and the originating family is called Delphinidae. The dolphins are available almost the entire year for the pleasure of the tourists. Their bodies range in length from 2 – 4 m. Research has proved that the males are larger and heavier in body mass than the females. The weight of the bottlenose dolphin is from 150 – 650 kg. Their sleek and shining bodies are very dark in color; sometimes in shades of navy and sometimes in shades of dark gray. Their distinctive beak gives them the name ‘bottlenose dolphins’. They are present in the area of Tortuga Islands which is a very popular tourist spot for sea life watching and scuba diving. These dolphins exist on the smaller sea life found in the Pacific waters. Squid, shrimps and small fish make up their diet and they require at least 7 kg of food on a daily basis. The dolphins are very graceful in movement and cut through the water with speed and efficiency that is beautiful to watch.

Facts about the Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins found in Montezuma have been under close scrutiny by marine biologists for many years. They are the subject of great interest and in depth research. Scientists find dolphins fascinating and this specie in particular holds them in pique. Under the sea, sound is muted and does not occur in frequencies that the human ear is used to. Fortunately for animals, their ears are accustomed to the more resonant echoes that occur under the water. Scientists have found that bottlenose dolphins use these echoing sound waves to locate their quarry. The deep vibrations that occur underwater are the main communication and alert device for these dolphins. Their ears are highly attuned to the movement of the water and the sound echoes that occur within it. Bottlenose dolphins have been found to move with great speed and accuracy once they have located the area they want to reach. Some researchers believe they can go up to 18 km/ hour in the water. With this speed, they can find their prey before it moves away and feed themselves easily. Dolphins are also very friendly mammals and like to interact with humans. Using their sound wave sensitivity, they can easily locate the presence of a boat or ship on the water and perform various feats for the pleasure of the tourists.

Studying the Bottlenose Dolphin

These dolphins have been labeled by scientists as one of the top most intelligent mammals in the sea. They are being used in various regions of the world for scientific and academic purposes. They are being trained to do specific tasks they are assigned and according to the results are performing brilliantly. Their friendly nature and positive interaction with other animals as well as humans is a huge plus. Like every other mammal in this world, the bottlenose dolphins also have a social hierarchy system. Survival of the fittest may be one rule that they do not follow. While the mating is taking place, male dolphins may become very territorial and fight over the females. But outside of this stage, the bottlenose dolphins live harmoniously and rarely ever disturb the sea life with violence and aggression.

Video for the Bottlenose Dolphin in Costa Rica


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