Chico’s Bar

Chico’s Bar is an essential part of the Montezuma experience. The bar is right in the middle of town, and is the focus of the town’s nightlife. The small bar somehow manages to serve hundreds of people some nights, who hang out on the street in front, wander to the beach with a beer in their hand, or party in the street in front.

Chico's Bar back part, beachfrontBecause it’s the most popular bar in town, EVERYONE goes here eventually. On any given night you will find a mix of tourists from around the world, alcoholic ex-pats who live in the area, the area’s thieves looking to break into a tourist car with a suitcase left inside, students studying in one of the spanish language schools, women learning to become yoga teachers, Costa Rican couples visiting from San Jose, and every other type of person, all hanging out in the same spot, mixing together and enjoying the humid, tropical night. It can be a lot of fun, and is a big part of the unique cultural experience that a visit to Montezuma is.

Many special events take place here, or in front in the main town intersection, such as various impromptu dance shows. Fire Dancing and related circus shows happen almost every night here.

On big party nights, such as Halloween, New Year’s or Costa Rica’s independence day, the entire street is packed with people, sometimes over a thousand of them, all partying and having a great time.

A Typical Night at Chico’s Bar: Flickr Photo Stream

Chicos Bar and Montezuma Nightlife Video

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