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Anamaya Surf Camp

Anamaya is a world class yet earthy wellness retreat that is known for its spectacular beachfront location and inspiring wellness packages. The resort offers top notch surf classes and packages to its guests. From complete surf greenhorns who have never are on a surf board to seasoned surfers who want to up their game, the surf sessions conducted by professional and experienced instructors here help surfers learn and enhance their skills. Classes can be conducted privately or as a group, depending on the guests’ preferences. In addition to surfing, it is recommended that guests also sign up for yoga sessions to strengthen the body and mind and achieve holistic all round development. The surf package includes a weeklong stay at the resort, three organic meals daily, yoga classes, five surf lessons, surf board rental, two infrared sauna treatment, a hike to Montezuma Waterfall and huge dollop of enjoyment. They also offer nice discounts if you bring along more people.

Anamaya is an eco friendly wellness resort standing on a jungle clad hill with sweeping views of the cerulean ocean and sparkling white-sand beaches. It is flanked by picturesque hills and the breathtaking Montezuma Waterfalls. There are nine cabinas in the resort which are patterned on modern architectural principles and classy interiors inspired by Balinese, Indonesian and Mediterranean culture.

Anamaya Resort
USA Toll Free: 1-866-412-5350
USA Phone : 415-704-5024
Costa Rica Phone: (+506) 2642-1289
Email: [email protected]

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Founded in more than a decade ago, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp at Playa Tamarindo today is one of the most popular and trusted Surf Camps in the country along with being a top class surf destination for all surf adventure seekers worth their board.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is located bang in the middle of the main surfing point of Tamarindo Beach and features the best of Tamarindo’s waves that break right out in front of you. Their surf acts as the perfect surfing vacation destination for every surfer and even the accompanying non-surfers. They offer multiple surf breaks for surfers of all levels. Surfers can opt to ride waves on high tide as well as low tide, and there are awesome waves for both long as well as shortboards. They have programs for all levels of surfers including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Several guests have smoothly transitioned from one level to the next over multiple visits to the camp.

Other than ace surf lessons, this place is sought after for its beachfront hotel and a couple of intimate restaurants, ideal waves for beginners right in front of the hotel and convenient tours for more advanced surfers and the fact that’s it’s an all taken care of camp that allows guests to focus on what they love without the hassle of planning it all.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp
Toll Free: 1-888-318-7873
Reservations Local C.R.: +506 2653 1262
E-Mail: [email protected]
Skype:  wrsc.sales.1

Peaks ‘n’ Swells

Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp is based on an exceptionally attractive beachfront property that is a mere 10 minute walk down the beach from the town center. There are no roads to the property so it gives it a great feel of being located in the lap of nature as the property is surrounded by verdant jungle in the back and an amazing white sand beach in front. There are 3 beach houses that accommodate the surf camp on the property. Each has its own unique style and character and all offer access to the pool. There is an outdoor bbq and bar adjacent to the pool, hammocks and patio, all of which over into the ocean. It is common to spot the white faced monkeys that scamper playfully through the property in the afternoon.

The Montezuma Located Peaks ‘n’ Swells is a popular surf destination since the area features a lovely dry tropical climate, with temperatures varying between low 80’s to low 90’s. The monsoon season, also referred the “green season,” typically lasts from May-November and is marked by afternoon thunderstorms. This is the time you can experience bigger swells.

Peaks ‘n Swells rests on a near perfect surf location that is great for learning or transitioning in surf skills. The peninsula offers an entire range of surf breaks to accommodate different conditions and skill levels. Located in the inside of the peninsula allows the breaks to avoid a strong riptide or current that you find on the open coast of the other Costa Rican surf spots. This makes the place ideal for learning or start back surfing. One of the best breaks to learn surfing in Costa Rica, the Playa Grande, is located in a reserve that is closest to the Peaks ‘n’ Swells property.

In addition to other surf camps offered by them, Peaks ‘n’ Swells family surf camp is extremely popular and emphasizes on fun and high teaching techniques for the entire family. They provide everything that is required for the family to relax and enjoy their vacation. Peaks ‘n’ Swells 7-day, 6-night family camp includes beachfront accommodations in one of three villas, small camp size (maximum three families) to ensure personal attention, highly individualized, professional surf instruction with 2:1 student to coach ratios, pool technique lessons, video analysis, and wave theory classes back at camp, daily yoga sessions, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, happy hour, fresh, homemade beach snacks at the break, high performance surfboards, massage (for adults), professional photography of the entire week and transportation to and from the airport and all breaks.

Peaks ‘n’ Swells
Email: [email protected]
Skype: peaksnswells
Costa Rica Phone: 011 506 642 0067

Green Iguana Surf Camp

Green Iguana Surf Camp is Costa Rica’s longest running and top notch surf camp, and they have the beginner surf instruction program plus the great Costa Rican adventures that visitors are looking for. While the camp caters to all levels from beginner to expert, they have been Costa Rica’s specialists in teaching beginner level surfing since 1998. Do you like the idea of surfing in absolutely perfect, sparsely populated left and right pointbreaks, with the moments recorded on video? They have the right surf packages for you.

Playa Dominical is a peaceful and rustic Costa Rican beach town, and features great year round beginner surf conditions at its multiple beaches, while boasting of high quality, consistent surf for more experienced surfers on the main beach. The Green Iguana chose to build camp here in Playa Dominical due of its incredible surf quality and consistency, and the several varied local surf breaks which are appropriate for all levels of learners.

Green Iguana Surf Camp
[email protected]

Tamrindo Surf Camp

Tamarindo Surf Camp is a division of Tamrindo Surf School, the first of its kind founded in Costa Rica. The unusual teaching method is based on the experience and knowledge they have acquired over years of studying and mastering the art of surfing. All their surf instructors are locals. This means guests’ surf lesson will not only be conducted by an experienced surf instructor who is familiar with local breaks, but also give you all the secret juice about the little know, still undiscovered places here and trivia about Costa Rica’s fascinating culture.

They have a 5 day surf camp for beginners and intermediate surfers that includes a private surf instructor, 3 days of surf lessons, 2 hours a day, unlimited use of surfboard, daily transportation from Playa Langosta to Playa Tamarindo, 4 nights at Villas Langosta luxury condominium and airport transfers.

Tamarindo Surf Camp
In Costa Rica 011-506-2653-0923
[email protected]
From the U.S. call 011-506-2653-0923


Shaka Surf Camp

Shaka Surf Camp offers an invigorating Costa Rica surf camp with both surf and yoga packages. They offer the perfect services for an easy tropical escape, with an element of challenge, inspiration and adventure. They offer daily surf lessons for surfers of all levels. Everyone from surfing greenhorns who’ve never been on the board in their life to seasoned wave gurus looking to take it up a few notches will find something here. Guests can also combine surfing with their daily yoga classes in the private yoga shala, surrounded by the verdant forest and flourishing wildlife. You can pick surf and yoga packages ranging from a few days to multiple weeks, with as much or as little surfing included as you would like.

Shaka is located in northern Santa Teresa, an old fashioned, eccentric, fun town with plenty of cultural opportunities, delectable cuisine and a thriving nightlife. Their luxurious beach-side villas are tranquil and private, constructed in traditional Costa Rican design, while still offering modern amenities, including AC, hot water, private bathrooms, free wireless internet and a 24-hour staff.

Shaka Surf Camp
US Phone: 970-379-9811
Local Phone: 506 2640-1118

Playa Grande Surf Camp

Playa Grande Surf Camp is nestled in the northern Costa Rican province of Guanacaste and less than 100 meters from the beach of Playa Grande, which is an immaculate belt of white sand on the Pacific Ocean. Located near the town of Tamarindo, visitors have options of either basking in the laidback setting in Playa Grande or opting for the more vibrantsocial activities that Tamarindo offers.

Playa Grande is known to be the eternal nesting site for leatherback turtles. It offers a safe landing vital to the endangered leatherback turtle. Female leatherbacks come to the coastal shore during the nights in October to May to lay their eggs in the sand. They then cover the eggs and head to the ocean. The eco-friendly Costa Rican government has gone to a great extent to preserve the habitat of these incredible animals. This has allowed surfers to nicely co-habit with the turtles, and surfers from all over the globe have termed Playa Grande as home to some of Costa Rica’s best surf waves.

Playa Grande Surf Camp
Tel: (011) 506-2653-1074
E-mail: [email protected]

Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica Surf Camp is one of the top notch surf camps and surf school in all of Costa Rica and is considered the best surf camp on the southern pacific area of the country. They are proud of their exclusive and personalized services that are offered to visitors as varied as honeymooners, single women and NYC attorneys. From beginners to experienced surfers, Costa Rica Surf Camp offers a wide range of services to offer their visitors the thrill of a memorable surf adventure. For more than a decade, Costa Rica Surf Camp has catered to thousands of satisfied students and visitors with their world class quality surf lessons and hospitality.

Costa Rica Surf Camp offers variety of packages to suit surfers of all needs and desires including options for transportation, accommodation, and adventure tours. Apart from this, all Costa Rican Surf Camp instructors are local to the area and have had lifeguard training, and have also worked closely with the lifeguards here in Dominical. Costa Rica Surf Camp is located in the beautiful Playa Dominical, one of the greenest corridors in the South Pacific zone of the country. Playa Dominical is a charming surf town, known for its perfect waves, long sand stretches, emerald mountains and affable locals.

Costa Rica Surf Camp
Phone: (506) 8812-3625
Phone: (506) 2787-0393

Corky Carroll’s Surf Camp

Corky Carroll’s Surf School is family owned and operated surf school that offers surf lessons and camps in Huntington Beach, California since 1996 and in Nosara, Costa Rica since 1998. They offer a genuine surfing experience for surfers of all levels.

Their surf lessons in Nosara, Costa Rica cater to everyone from first-timers to those wanting to move up the learning curve to families with non surfers, and seasoned surfers just looking for some great surfing. They begin your instructions with proper paddling methods and surfboard management, then transition to standing up on the surfboard. They use the authentic hand shaped surfboards and not the plastic or epoxy ones. Throughout the week they will enhance their surfing skills by using their original numbered step system; walking surfers through proper paddling, timing and catching the wave to standing up and riding it. They focus on real surfing fundamentals and help boost these fundamentals by filming your surfing from the water and the beach. Surfers will improve their surfing skills by using real surfing fundamentals on authentic hand-shaped surfboards.

Corky Carroll Surf Camp
[email protected]

Safari Surf School

Safari Surf School is located in Nosara, Costa Rica, and is owned and managed by brothers Tim and Tyler Marsh. Safari Surf School offers all inclusive surf vacations and surf travel packages including luxurious accommodations, meals, surfing lessons, zip line tours, and a range of other activities.

Safari Surf School not only employs ISA (International Surfing Association) accredited surf instructors, they also employ state of the art tools and techniques to help accelerate your learning. They use high definition Contour Camera mounted to the tip of your surfboard to get an unusual and inspiring perspective of your surfing. This view permits them to view your mechanisms up close and personal along with your overall placement on the board. This unique view from the Contour camera combined with video shots from the beach will allow the trainers to get a bird’s eye-view of what you are doing accurately and what needs more work. In short, they have you covered from all  angles covered. This footage can be used for training, but it also lets them to offer you a great momento of  your experience at the Safari Surf School to share with your friends and family.

They have broken down surfing levels into four easy to understand categories. They ask guests to inform them of their current level in advance, but they also test all their guests during their first session to verify what level they are currently on and how they should ideally proceed instructing them for the rest of their trip.

Safari Surf School
Toll-free US Phone: (866) 433-3355
Costa Rica Phone: 011-506-2-682-0113
Email: [email protected]
Skype: safarisurf
Fax: 951-302-9158

Del Mar Surf Camp

Del Mar is a surf school and surf camp operator located in two of the most spectacular surfing beaches in Costa Rica -Hermosa and Nosara. Del Mar is owned by two localities devoted to sharing their passion for surfing with their clients and guests. Their entire staff is committed to offering top notch surf coaching in the safest and most unforgettable manner. They work year round offering not just surf lessons but also all inclusive, co-Ed, women only, family and self-guided packages, to ensure every surfer has had a vacation that he/she desired.

Their camps and packages are perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers. Del Mar’s objective is to teach surfers how to surf or stand up paddle in an enjoyable and no-stress environment. They offer flexible schedules and have the best certified surf lesson instructors, so surfers have the confidence to learn how to surf like a seasoned surfer soon. Their amiable and inspiring instructors grew up surfing their entire lives, so they know the right surfing techniques to accelerate your learning curve and make it as easy as possible for any beginner to master surfing in no time.

Del Mar Surf Camp
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Number: 1-855-8-DEL-MAR (335-627)
Costa Rica: +506 2643-3197 | +506 2643-5528

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