Coyote in Costa Rica

Life Span: A coyote’s life span is in maximum of 10 years if it’s in the wild and 18 years if it’s in captivity.

Height/Weight: An adult 40-46″ in length and weighs 25-33 lbs. 19-25 lbs.

Habitat: Their habitats are extremely diverse. They can be found everywhere from plains to mountains to dry arid deserts and tropical forests.

CoyoteThe Coyote are a species of the canine and are members of the Canidae family classified under the Carnivora category. It is also known as the American Jackal or the Prairie Wolf. These mammals are mostly found in North and Central America, which includes Panama in the South, and Mexico in the North, United States including parts of Alaska and northern portions of Canada and in large numbers in Costa Rica. These creatures can be spotted by wildlife enthusiasts throughout the National Parks of Costa Rica.

Coyotes are mostly found in deserts, open woodlands, prairies and brush country areas. There are presently 19 identified sub species of coyotes out of which 16 are in Canada, Mexico and the United States and 3 are found in parts of Central America including Costa Rica. The coyote sports a slender and sharp snout and a distinguished grayish brown fur. Coyotes have deep brown forelegs and a scent gland located on the underside.

Most coyotes grow from 30 to 34 inches in height and sport an average weight of 7 to 21 kilos. They are known to shed their hair in the beginning of May. Although these creatures were believed to hunt in groups, they are mainly pair hunters, with an exception of hunting in packs if prey is large. In a heated chasing bout of its prey, the coyote may run up to 43 mph.

Coyotes are primarily nocturnal which means they hunt and are active after sunset. Though they are also known to be durinal creatures, owing to human presence on their habitats they have adapted to a more nocturnal lifestyle. Coyotes are infamous for their opportunistic tendencies. According to the season diet primarily consists of other mammals. Coyotes prey on a wide variety of small mammals such as dogs, ground squirrels, mice, and more. Also they include birds, reptiles, as well as large insects and other invertebrates in their versatile diet depending on the weather.

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They have a great penchant for fresh meat. During autumn and winter the coyotes incorporate fruits and vegetables in their food source. Since they are known to be a nuisance to farmers and take to destroying livestock and causing great destruction, coyotes  are also extensively killed in North America. This has again contributed to their dwindling numbers.

Coyotes are mainly monogamous in nature but this again is subjective to their environment. After the female chooses a partner, the mated pair will remain a couple for a number of years. After mating and birth of their pups both the male and the female play active role in caring for their young. They will look after the young one for a couple of months until it is old enough to venture out on its own.

Coyotes are known for their high pitched barks and yelps. It is mostly done post dusk at night but coyotes can also make these sounds during the day if they sense danger. Study shows that coyotes adapt well in the midst of the human population even though they prefer to live to a nocturnal life away from humans.

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