Orca Whales

Orca Whale in Costa Rica Jumping

Orca whales live in the waters on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and are occasionally seen near Montezuma. Offering a wide range of activities in a sublime ambience, Montezuma has become a booming hot spot for aquatic and land sports, wildlife viewing, leisurely retreats and a lot more. Scuba diving and snorkeling are enjoyed by countless people. Montezuma and its nearby regions provide a splendid opportunity to dive, snorkel and encounter sophisticated creatures of the underwater world. There are hundreds of interesting species of animals dwelling on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, such as manta rays, sea turtles, sting-rays, sharks, dolphins, eels, and several types of whales.

All about Orcas

Killer Whales or Orca Whales are quite of interest to people. The beautiful and brilliant apex predators lure a great amount of tourists who come to appreciate their wild elegance and amazing acrobat moves. Biologically known as Orcinus Orca, the killer whales are toothed oceanic dolphins belonging to Delpinidae family, a kind of cetaceans. They are present in all oceans of the world, especially in areas of high latitudes and coastal water. They can be spotted in gelid Antarctic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as well as in the warmer waters of Pacific and Indian Oceans.  Resting atop the food chain, killer whales have no natural predators of their own. Most of these whales feed solely on fish, but they also prey on other whales, sharks, walruses, squids, and marine birds like sea gulls, seals, sea lions and penguins. Killer whales are highly social and live in large matrilineal groups. The mother whale teaches her offspring and subsequent generations a specific set of hunting techniques that are then passed on to other generations. The whales are one of the largest cetaceans, reaching an impressive height of 6 to 8 meters in males and 5 to 7 meters in females. The males weigh about 6 tonnes and females around 4 tonnes. Their life span ranges from 40 to 60 years. They have a strong, robust body with a black back, a white chest and white patches around the eyes and a large dorsal fin of 6.6 feet. They are the fastest of the marine creatures. They swim 46 kilometers per hour! Killer whales bear a set of sharp, powerful teeth and jaws that allow them to have a firm grip on their prey. Killer whales have good sensations. They can see clearly both below and above the water line, good hearing range, have a good sense of touch and superb echolocation capabilities. Echolocation allows them to locate places, food and other whales. They breed during early spring and summer and give birth to the calves in the months of October and May after a long gestation period of 16 to 17 months. Unlike many sea animals, killer whales take care of their calves. They are known for their awesome acrobatic moves like breaching, spy holing and tail slapping.

Killer Whales in Montezuma?

Montezuma is highly popular among the aquatic sports enthusiasts. It offers a great variety of places for scuba diving and snorkeling, but you’re most likely to see an Orca from a boat. You can’t just plan to go see one… you have to get very lucky since they’re prety rare here. One good spot that you might see them from shore is at Cabuya Island, which is very secluded and a 10-15 minute drive south of Montezuma. A boat trip from Montezuma to Tortuga Island, which has a good number of dive sites, is another possibility for spotting one. My dad and sister saw one from the Ferry in February 2012, not realizing how rare it was to see one up there. Probably the best way, however, is to book a fishing trip, and troll up and down the coast as far out as possible. If you’re really set on seeing an Orca, however, you’re more likely to spot one down in the southern coast waters on the mainland of Costa Rica.

Very jittery video of Orcas in Costa Rica:




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