Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village

Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village

To understand the initiative and intention of the Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village developers, it is important to understand the Pura Vida philosophy. “Pura Vida” (pure life) is more than just an exotic sounding Costa Rican slogan. It’s a way of life for people who strive to live in harmony with the region’s natural surroundings and each other. The fact that hordes of foreigners are making a beeline for Costa Rica can be attributed to its hypnotically beauty natural beauty, but one also can’t take away from the warmth of the locals which is extremely alluring for foreigners.

Montezuma is one of the most popular bohemian destinations in Costa Rica, with towns such as Malpais and Santa Teresa dotting its lush surroundings. Pura Vida Sunsets is nestled on spectacular rolling hills, with a scenic mountain backdrop (complete with sunset vistas to die for), a few meters away from most beach hotspots Apart from being a short drive away from Malpais and Santa Teresa, Pura Vida is in the vicinity of scores of restaurants, bars and other beach town hotspots.

Pura Vida Sunsets was born out of the owner’s intention of offering reasonably priced properties to visitors who can’t afford the sky rocketing prices in the Montezuma and Malpais region. They recognized that several people from different parts of the world wanted to offer a lot to the local community but were unable to do so owing to the steep real estate prices. Pura Vida’s lots are smaller than what investors could earlier purchase in the same price range, but they have pulled out all stops to ensure that it turns out to be a fantastic community and are also offering a lovely shared clubhouse and swimming pool.

Pura Vida recognizes the significance of eco-friendly construction for a community with smaller lots and are ensuring that all their buyers are people who believe in their green living philosophy. The response to their initiative has been fantastic so far, and Pura Vida has sold/reserved 7 out of the first 10 lots before they even finished purchasing the property. The buyers are all committed to the cause “building green” and sustainable living and the developers see Pura Vida Sunsets as a benchmark of eco-friendly and sustainable living for the area. Some properties are being built for re-sale. There are options available for those interested in buying a completed eco-friendly home in the Pura Vida Sunsets community.

House Options

The houses displayed on their website are designed to give their patrons some idea of the style of these structures. They intend to work with each client individually to create the perfect dwelling according to their unique desires and requirements. The structures have been adroitly designed to eliminate problems arising from living in the relatively remote Montezuma town. Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village has concentrated on offering plenty of covered outdoor living space, abundant natural light and resourceful ventilation within each structure to keep energy utilization at its minimal.

The homes include lights, fans, bathroom fixtures, etc in the normal quotes price, but do not include rates for appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, washer/dryer, solar-power systems, etc. It also doesn’t include the price of the land. There are many low priced options here that can be bought for as low as $75,000 featuring small bedrooms, a basic design and plenty of enclosed outside space.

The core of green building is a keen sense of intuition and understanding of the local environment – weather, topography, airflow, sun position, etc, and then creating the structure in sync with these conditions. Pura Vida’s promoters have a sound knowledge of these factors are hence able to give eco lovers a home they’ll be proud of for years to come.

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Tel: (011 506) 8844-4726

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