Tropisphere Real Estate

Tropisphere Real Estate

Tropisphere is one of Costa Rica’s most sought after online real estate agencies, offering all the information related to the Costa Rican real estate trends. One of the nation’s pioneer online real estate agencies, Tropisphere makes sure that it offers everything from simple family homes and farms to striking ocean view and beachfront properties, luxury villas and eco-resorts. Potential buyers can view hundreds of affordably priced properties at the click of a button. Tropisphere Real Estate sells properties in the entire Costa Rican region, especially the Southern Nicoya Peninsula area. The region is known for its scenic properties at comfortable rates, offering incentives for investors and an affable global community.

Their area of focus includes Montezuma, Malpais, Santa Teresa, Tambor, and Cabuya. Tropsiphere will offer eco conscious patrons everything from small and basic family houses to large family homes and farms to picturesque beach view and beachfront homes and lots, swanky vacation villas and resorts. They are a professional, interesting and knowledgeable company. Far from being just another commercially aggressive real estate company, Tropisphere is actively dedicated to the cause of helping to improve the local community through both efforts and economic resources. They feel that living in Costa Rica is a blessing and all outsiders living here should demonstrate their thankfulness by giving back to the local community in some form.

The Montezuma region possesses some of the most scenic beaches, wildlife, waterfalls and rain forests in Costa Rica and is still relatively untouched by real development, hence prices are still relatively economical. There’s also a flourishing international migrant community of artists, musicians, and creative people who have all made a beeline for this naturally spectacular and inspiring region. The area is also a haven for surfers and adventure sport enthusiasts.

On a nationwide level, Tropisphere emphasizes on offering properties especially created with nature conservation and eco friendly principles as Costa Rica is currently on the brink of being one of the planets most sought after destinations eco and medical tourism. The nation is now the hub of yoga retreat centers and several spa wellness properties up. With its verdant, tropical vegetation and eco responsible attitude , Costa Rica acts as the ideal setting for wellness programs, spa resorts, yoga retreats, and alternative/ homeopathic medicine clinics.

Why Buy Here

The climate in this part of Costa Rica is quite moderate for a beach region. It’s much cooler and not as arid and humid as the regions up north. The real estate prices in Nosara, Manuel Antonio, and Tamarindo are already sky rocketing, hence investing here offers the owner good value for money. Montezuma is known for its many immigrant residents, so the community is a more eclectic melting pot of races and cultures making it all the more fascinating for an outsider to be a part of this diverse and interesting migrant community.

The small towns of Montezuma and Malpais feature a fantastic bouquet of restaurants, including Montezuma’s popular ‘Playa de los Artistas’, considered by many to be the best dining option in Costa Rica. The land in both Montezuma and Malpais still has a natural scarcity of building sites, making it less crowded than some of the other destinations dotted all over with claustrophobic real estate developments.

Montezuma doesn’t just possess some of Costa Rica’s best surf breaks, but also a gamut of other adventure sports options such as snorkeling and diving, especially near the Montezuma and off Cabuya Island region. The spot is known to offer some of the best diving conditions in Costa Rica owing to the abundance of the area’s marine wonders, national park protection, and a fascinating wreck site.

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